Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of activities and programs are available?

The Regency/Villas offers a variety of programs and activities each month for residents to get to know other residents and socialize. These events are advertised throughout the building on posters, signs, newsletters and flyers, and Facebook. Additionally, your students’ Resident Assistant is an excellent resource for information and events both on campus and within The Regency community.

What about Resident Assistants (RAs)?

We have Resident Assistant staff available to help all of our residents. The primary role of these student staff members is to build community and enforce policy. They are a great resource for residents and can help with any concerns or questions that residents may have. Additionally, there is a RA on Duty within the building each night and through every weekend. Your student can contact them for any concerns about their room, noise or after hour concerns.

What about Internet access?

All residents share access to common area wifi but we suggest that you use the Ethernet plug in your room and pick up a cable at any local electronic store. We also have a 24/7computer lab to access in times that you need that extra use of a computer and/or internet. We have recently began allowing residents to install routers but note that this is not maintained by our technicians.

Are guests allowed?

Guests are always allowed! We just require that the resident meet them in the lobby and check them in at the front desk after escorting them through the Front Gate. The check in process takes just a couple minutes and helps us monitor who is in the building in case of an emergency. Guests staying more than 48hours are not permitted according to the Lease Contract each resident signs.

The Regency understands that having friends over is a part of enjoying the college experience. All residents are required to follow the Guest Policy outlined in the Lease Contract. Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times and the resident is responsible for their actions.

When is rent due?

Rent is due the 1st of the month every month.

How do we make rent payments and how much are late fees?

Your payment schedule is detailed in your lease. If you are on a month-to-month payment schedule, your payment is due on the 1st of every month. If your payment is received late or incomplete, a late fee of $100 on the fifth of the month is assessed.

What are my payment options?

We take checks, money orders, cashiers checks and you can pay online for FREE! (No cash can be accepted under any circumstance)

Click here for Regency Payment.  Click here for Villas Payment.

How can I get to school and around town?

The Regency provides a free bus shuttle for residents to and from the Auraria Campus. In addition, there is a RTD bus stop located at 38th Avenue and Fox street and RTD a Light Rail Stop at 41st and Fox coming soon.

Download The Shuttle Schedule


Is The Regency/Villas closed during semester breaks, spring break, or summer vacation?

No, as long as your Lease covers the time frame in question. The Regency is open year round to residents.

Is family housing available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer family housing. The requirement for housing is that each resident be at least a part time college student.

Are pets allowed?

No, both communities are pet free.

Is smoking allowed?

We do not allow smoking in any of our facilities, however there are designated outdoor smoking areas on the property.

What items should I bring when I move in?

Regency items to bring.

Villas items to bring.

What’s my address? Does UPS deliver to the front desk?

The addresses differ depending on what building or hall you are in. All mail is through USPS and packages are delivered to the main front desk for both The Regency and Villas. For a Full list of addresses and how it should look CLICK HERE.

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