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Accounting & Rent Support

email: [email protected]

Accounts receivable can assist you if you have questions regarding your payments or account balance, as well as answering any lease termination questions.

Marketing & Leasing Team

email: [email protected]

The Marketing & Leasing Team oversees the leasing department at The Regency & Villas while assisting with marketing campaigns in the greater Denver area.  Please contact the Marketing & Leasing Department with any leasing questions!

Operations Support Manager

email: [email protected]

The Operations Support Manager handles all conduct with students and enforces policies set forth by The Regency, Villas, and staff as well as operational procedures and policies.

If you are interested in becoming a team member, please send your resume to [email protected]

Facilities/Plant Operation Manager for Regency & Villas

email: [email protected]

Facilities/Plant Operation Manager is in charge of keeping our building gorgeous and will be fulfilling your maintenance requests.

Reviews of the Regency

See what some of our residents and their parents have to say about life at the Regency

This is by far the best 'dorm life' I have had in all of my college experience. It doesn't feel like a dorm, its like my own apartment. Aside from meeting a lot of new people in the great weight room and basketball court I get to use, the food doesn't suck like every other other student housing I have lived in. There is always a variety of food in the atrium (cafeteria) and its nice having a convenience store right in my living place. The staff is friendly and available when you need them and the management is helpful as well. Aside from all the amenities I love my room, its a great size and I have lots of extra space, making more comfortable. If this is a housing place you are considering, I highly recommend it, it is the best experience I have had in student housing.

Sam H -September 2012

Definitely the best student housing available in Denver. Lots of options make it easy to find something that works, and the staff is always available to help with any issues that can arise. One of the best parts is that the parking is free and plentiful if you want to have guests. I have lived here for just short of two years, and have had no issues with anything. The food in the kitchen is great, but the villas option allows you to also have your own kitchen if you want to cook your won meals instead. While almost everyone who goes to college will eventually want to have their own place, when starting out the Regency is a great place to meet people, and attend classes conveniently on the shuttle, without paying an exorbitant amount.

James H -April 2014




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